Perhaps pears were a favorite of the triceratops They grew wild in prehistoric times.

This fruit's history is long and exciting. The pear's versatility and long storage life made it a much loved commodity along the trading routes of the ancient world. In the 17th century many varieties were being cultivated throughout Europe. It was not strange that the early colonists brought the pear tree with them when they starting their settlements in the New World. The growing conditions were not ideal in these early colonies, but fortunately, the pioneers carried the tree with them to the West where is has thrived every since.

Pears grown all over the world and they come in many different shapes, size and color. In the United States they grow mostly in Washing, Oregon, and Northern California. The Bartlett is the most popular variety of pear in the United States but there are many other kinds you can also enjoy year round

  • Josephine
  • Sensation
  • Beurre Bosc
  • Packhams's Triumph
  • Asian Pears