Cucumbers have the highest water content of any vegetable

Cucumbers are believed to have originated more than 10,000 years ago in India, but nobody knows for sure. In 200 B.C, a Chinese ambassador traveled to Southern Asia and discovered the

Cucumbers were introduced to China in 200 B.C., when a Chinese ambassador traveled to Persia and discovered the odd fruit he took it back to his home. It immediately gained recognition. Not long after, an English sea captain took it to England from the West Indies. It finally found its way to North America by the mid-16th century.

Florida is the largest producer of cucumbers in the United States followed by California, New Jersey, and New York. This watery fruit is available year round and has some interesting uses: you can use it to shine your shoes or remove pen or marker from many surfaces.  There are two main types of cucumbers: slicer and picklers. Listed are more detailed varietals.

  • English Cucumbers
  • Garden Cucumbers
  • Persian Cucumbers
  • Kirby cucumbers