About Us

About Us

The Produce Company strives to continuously provide value added customized fresh produce solutions with the highest quality & food safety standards to meet our customers' expectations. We are known for cutting edge products and world class service.

Our company was founded in 2008 by a team passionate about food with the vision of revolutionizing the food industry. The spiwatches goal is to allow companies to continuously develop and concentrate on their core business by alleviating their produce and labor costs. We assembled the best team, from our production employees to our sales managers, and together we have successfully built and incredible company. Conveniently located in the bay area we are able to serve a large variety of distributors, food service operators, and food manufacturers. With all the possible combinations of products, cut specifications and packing sizes we can meet any company's produce needs.

We continue to grow by relying on our Strategic Pillars: Quality, Food Safety, and Service. We purchase the highest quality products; our produce buyers are extremely knowledgeable and their years of experience watchestock allow us to purchase the best product available at the best price. We follow the latest food safety regulations from the moment the product arrives at our facility until it is delivered to the customers' door. We are also constantly looking for new methods to increase shelf-life and preserve the freshness and full flavor profile of the cut produce. Most importantly, we constantly interact with our customers to ensure that their needs are being met. Our customers are the focus of everything we do; the customer service team is committed to increasing customer satisfaction, so every decision is made based on its potential impact on our customers.

Meet our Team

President :  Soo Ming knows everything there is to know about running a business. As a certified CPA with 35 years of management experience, he understands how to carefully guide a company towards becoming profitable and successful. He has worked at Wolf & Company and at KPMG as a private business advisor and a management advisor, respectively. After years of helping other start-ups and fortune 500 businesses thrive, he decided to venture into a field that spoke to his heart. He served as CFO for JR Produce, Inc for three years where he learned all about the produce industry. That experience allowed him to start The Produce Company in 2008; the company has been growing steadily ever since.

Customer Service Manager :  Cindy is a truly delightful person. She always has a smile on her face and is happiest when she can help others. After interacting with her one quickly considers her a close friend. With 20 years of experience, she knows how to handle any situation with the most effectiveness. You could accurately say she is an expert at customer satisfaction.

Controller :  Jessica ensures our financial stability. Every day she assures that all transactions have been correctly processed and recorded. She holds a MBA and is a Certified Public Accountant. She is very trustworthy and detailed oriented. As the company grows she has helped it stay on a great financial track.

Logistics Manager : Edwin Garcia is dedicated to safety and service and is passionate about providing exceptional customer service by ensuring order shipments are delivered safely and in a timely manner. Edwin started working with The Produce Company as a driver in 2013 and became the transportation manager in 2014. Edwin is very knowledgeable and keen to fulfilling our clients needs and is always willing to "go the extra mile" to meet the needs of our clientele.

Operations Manager and Purchasing Manager :  Calvin have been in the produce industry for 25 years. He has worked in purchasing and operations for an assortment of different produce company's in Seattle, New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. At The Produce Company he is invaluable. He prepares us to start every day with our best foot forward.

Quality Assurance Manager :  Lisa is a pioneer in the food safety industry. She strictly implements the latest Standard Operational Procedures in food Safety and is always researching and testing the most up-to-date methods being developed to see if they can be employed at our facility. Lisa has applied her degree in Nutrition and Food Science from University of California at Berkeley to the produce industry for over 15 years. With her enthusiasm and commitment we are sure that they are many more things we can expect from Lisa.

At The Produce Company we understand that no matter what role you play, all team members and departments must work cohesively in order to run a successful operation. Because of this understood dynamic, everyone respects the job that each and every individual performs and is always working on self-improvement in order to ameliorate everyone's work experience.

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