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The Logic Behind Pre-cuts


A cost comparison between fresh-cut produce and commodity produce requires the inclusion of those additional costs associated with the conversion of a commodity product into a finished product. When you are buying bulk produce, you become a processor whether you realize it or not, which can be a dramatic cost consideration for food service operations and large volume institutions. In summary:

Hidden Commodity Costs

  • Pre-processing activities for raw material (ordering, receiving, inspecting, storing, and training)
  • Interim processing (cleaning, restocking, disposing of trimmings, washing, storing finished products, supervision, and training)
  • Post-Processing labor (waste removal and sanitation, work station clean-up, employee hygiene, handling finished product, determining the forecasted needs for the finished product, and training)
  • Other labor costs (scheduled and non-scheduled breaks, interruptions, delays, downtime, showdowns, redoing work, prepping too little or too much, on-the-job injuries, and continuous training of new kitchen staff.
  • Equipment costs (the purchase and continual maintenance of expensive processing equipment)
  • Peace of Mind (Worker's Comp Claims)
  • Lifting heavy boxes, cartons, or bags of bulk produce (no fresh-cut produce box is more than 20 pounds)
  • No peeling, slicing, or chopping
  • Food Safety
  • 100 percent natural, no preservative or additives
  • Washed and double washed, which kills bacteria, fungi, and yeast
  • Packed in a permeable bag, which allows the product to breathe and release gases that would otherwise deteriorate the product in the bag, thereby extending product shelf life.

Pre-cut Produce Positive Points

  • Pre-Cut is washed, cut-to-size and ready to serve
  • 100 percent natural, no preservatives or additives
  • End-user receives only fresh net-product, no waste
  • Pre-cut produce is easy to use, no training needed
  • Reduced labor reduces worker's compensation claims
  • Consistent cut-product size, shape and quality
  • Less storage space required for pre-cut produce boxes
  • Reduced volume of packing (boxes, etc.) to dispose of which reduces your refuse volume and refuse expenses
  • Product must be store at 34 to 36 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Production date clearly displayed as product rotation guide
  • At least 100 pre-cut products to choose from
Food Safety
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