Babe Ruth would war a cabbage leaf under his hat during his games. He did it because it kept him cool.

Cabbage has been cultivated for thousands of years. Historians say that Caesar's armies carried cabbage leaves with them and used it as food, but most importantly they used them to reduce the infection of their war wounds. This vegetable has sustained its popularity thought the centuries because it grows well in cool climates, stores well during the winter, and yields large harvest. It made its way to America by following the trade routes and was commonly planted by both colonist and Native Americans by the 18th century.

The U.S accounts for a small percentage of the world's cabbage production, but it can be grown in all 50 states. New York and California are the largest producers, with California retaining most all of the harvest in-state. Here are some of the favorites at The Produce Company:

  •          Napa Cabbage
  •          Red Cabbage
  •          Green Cabbage