People in Nepal eat the orange with the peel on.
The beginnings of the orange are not quite clear. It is believed to have originated somewhere in Southeast Asia, northeastern India or southern China. The sweet orange then found its way to Europe through Italian and Portuguese merchants who brought the tree into the Mediterranean area, where it was readily accepted and considered a luxury. The American continent was introduced to this delicious fruit by Christopher Columbus on his second visit and has been enjoyed ever since.

It can now be found throughout America, most commonly in Mexico, Brazil and our own back yard. Although most people associate oranges with Florida, it's not unlikely to find their evergreen trees in California, Arizona, Texas, and Louisiana. This tasty citrus can be found throughout the year with its peak time during the winter months. Oranges vary immensely size, shape, and flavor profiles. Here are some examples that will make your mouth water!
  • Cara Cara Navales

  • Valencia

  • Blood

  • Hamlin