Our Commitment to Prosperity

At The Produce Company we are proud of being a leader in environmental sustainability and social responsibility. We make every possible effort to renew the land, reduce waste, and re-use and recycle our materials. The logic behind our commitment to conservation is simple when communities blossom, businesses thrive.

  1. Food Compost recycle
    • We recycle over 5 million pounds of green compostable waste each year, such as fruit and vegetable peels, cores, seeds, and scraps. This service to our community removes all this material from our landfills, and is a great benefit to the environment.
  2. Recycling Programs
    • We are conscious about waste at every level, from paperwork in the office to the boxes that our produce arrives in. We have a comprehensive program to recycle cardboard. Cardboard is bundled and used for general paper recycling.
  3. Local Sourcing and Food Miles Focus
    • We utilize over 20 million pounds of agricultural raw materials each year and we actively source local raw materials whenever we can. We typically bring in about 70% of our needs from local California farms each year and we are constantly working towards increasing that percentage.
    • We also utilize our own fleet for outbound shipments and have an effective program to maximize our loads, minimize the number of trailers on the road, and back haul ingredients and/or other products as a service to our customers. These measures reduce fuel usage and pollution.
  4. Energy Usage restrictions
    • We only use high-efficiency transportation vehicles. As a result, the idle time is reduced and there is a lower energy usage.
    • We have installed aerodynamic skirts on our trailers, that decrease drag and improve our fuel efficiency
    • We always make sure to turn off the lights when one of our rooms is not being used.
  5. Organic Production
    • The Produce Company is able to offer a wide variety of organic vegetables and fruits, for distributors, manufacturers, or food service use. We operate under the USDA Organic Certification Program and CCOF.
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