Romans were known to wear wreaths of celery leaves as protection against hangovers.

Celery leaves were found in the tomb of pharaohs and ancient sanctuaries. However, historians and archeologists can't determine if the remains are of the wild or cultivated form. It was not until classical times that it was certain that celery was in fact being cultivated. Most experts believe that celery originated somewhere in the Mediterranean basin.

America's exposure to celery was in the 1850s when its seeds were brought to Kalamazoo, Michigan from Scotland. It quickly gained considerable interest. Dutch immigrants in the area began to cultivate it heavily. However, it was not to last. Now the biggest producer in the nation is California and it's available throughout the year. Celery is also grown in Florida, Mexico and Canada. Celery's versatility is impressive. It can go in almost any recipe and accompany any dish as an edible garnish.

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