Winter Squashes

Winter squashes need bees to help transfer pollen so fruit will be formed Cartier Fashion Watches.

What we today know as squashes originated with wild squash in Guatemala and Mexico. Originally the natives ate only the seeds because there was little flesh and it was bitter tasting. Over time, people saved seeds from varieties that tasted good and had more flesh and focused on their cultivation. Mexico is still the leading producer in the western hemisphere, but we do have some squash production in our own backyard, Florida, New York, and California being the most prominent.

Winter squash are known for their hard outer rinds that surround their coveted sweet flesh. Since they arrive late in the growing season and have a long shelf life, they have become a favorite vegetable during winter and spring. But don't worry ; you can enjoy some of these delicious squashes almost year long!

  •         Butternut
  •         Acorn
  •         Pumpkin
  •         Spaghetti