Onions wake you cry because they contain sulphuric chemicals, which irritate your tear ducts.

Due to the onions nature, their size and tissue leaving little or no trace, there is no conclusive decision about the exact location and time of their birth. Archeologists and historians best guess is that onions were first grown in central Asia. Although some of the history is unsure, onions seemed to have had a long and important role in most early civilizations. For instance, Egyptians considered onions to be an object of worship that symbolized eternity and Romans ate onions regularly and carried them to all their provinces. By the Middle Ages it was one of the main vegetables in Europe. The first colonist brought onions with the Mayflower although wild onions already grew throughout North America.

The early cultures infatuation with onions has not faded. In the United States farmers plant approximately 125,000 acres of onions and produce about 6.2 billion pounds a year!  Once again California is a leading player in onion production. The different varieties will have a singular effect on your dish, so choose your color and cut-size wisely:

  •          Yellow Onion
  •          White Onion
  •          Purple Onion
  •          Shallots
  •          Green Onions
  •          Pearl Onions